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You Are the Human Inside the Being

This is a promotion for a nonexistent product.
As you can gather from the prototype pictured above, I plan on changing that soon.

This nonexistent product is a compendium of nonexistent words for emotions that no one ever got around to identifying. 

There are 180 of them. I spent about a year drawing them out of the ether, where they are very much existent and a far greater part of your life than you may have realized.

Now you might be asking yourself how I was able to identify all these emotions.

The answer to that is simple. I made them up. I had no choice. So much of what we feel does not exist yet as part of the vernacular. So to really get to the heart of how people feel at various times, it was necessary to create a new language.

It’s funny the way one thing can lead you on a path to another. 
I had been doing these illustrations on sticky notes for years, as a way of letting things out when I had downtime. I thought I was doing it to stave off boredom. But in retrospect, I don’t know …
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You Are Dumb

This is not a statement on stupidity. This is a statement on the limitations of language. The idea of not having the words for so much of what we experience. Let me start from the beginning.
Language is the oldest and most powerful technology.
And yet its power is largely forgotten. Gone are the days when the multitude of complex actions in the world, might be reduced to a simple word like, “jump” or “talk” or “dance” or “procreate.”             This is the realm of the outer life, where experiences are common and shared, so that these labels can have a universal meaning. In this realm, a “tree” is a tree no matter who looks at it.

A person “runs” and it is agreed upon what that action is without having to fully describe the process of bending the knee of one leg, shifting the body’s weight to that side, pushing up with the toes and thrusting forward slightly into the air as the other leg shoots out, landing on the heel, then cradling forward toward the toes and repeating the process, all …

You Are as Remarkable as a Rusty Lump of Iron

This is what time looks like. All of it.
Let me backtrack. 13.8 billion years ago, you were everything and nothing. Infinity and zero were the same number and they both equaled one.
            One was the universe before there was a universe. One was the reason neither distance nor time existed. How can you measure the distance between two points when only one point exists? How can you measure the time it takes to get from Point A to Point B when there is no such thing as Point B?
Without time, it is impossible to say how long you were like this. Only that it was forever.
And then suddenly, there was a Big Bang and Forever turned into Now. Now was the moment that came after Infinity but before Eternity. Now was the relative position of Point A to Point B, Point C, Point D and every Point 10 to the nth power, all hurtling away from each other at astronomical speeds through the newly existent astronomy.             This astronomy became the cosmos as distance became an actual thing. If a tra…

You Are Codependent

Metaphysics is the study of philosophy from the point of view of an ethereal hippie. Quantum physics is the study of minutiae from the point of view of a fanatical mathematician.

            And yet, even they agree, you are codependent.
The reason is because in either field all of reality is made up of the same two components: the observer and the observed.You can’t have one without the other. Without an observer, nothing can be perceived. Without something to do the perceiving, there is nothing to observe.
Exhibit A: Cat being perceived versus a cat not being perceived.

Now you might suggest that you don’t need to observe something to exist, “I think therefore I am, “ right?
But what would you think about if nothing had ever existed? How would you know you existed if there was nothing to perceive, nothing to measure that existence by? No mirror. No others to interact with. Not even a body for you to occupy or language for you to think in. Just consciousness and infinite nothingness. What …

You Are a Masterpiece

Welcome to social media, where you are Pygmalion, meticulously shaping and sculpting the perfect version of you.

On a professional networking site like LinkedIn (where this was first published), this masterwork is called a CV and with the right effort, yours will be so incredible that others will surely fall in love.
            And if they don't fall in love? Then clearly you must have done something wrong and you will muster the strength (with a little torturous feedback from friends) to continue your efforts at perfection, striving to find the ever elusive three-word description that perfectly sums up who you are as both a human being and an indispensable professional. If only you could figure out exactly what kind of ninja you are. No, that's cliche. How about wizard? Too Harry Potter. Swordsman? Samurai? Hobbit? What sort of mythical character best sums up the way you do spreadsheets?
Sound familiar?
The truth is, you are an artist. We all are, spending our lives perfecting a…

You Are a Figment of Your Own Imagination

A very long time ago there was a sacred tree. This tree was called The Tree of Knowledge for it was beneath this tree that the great prophet was said to have meditated, finding within the ether the wisdom that would become the doctrines of spirituality and a oneness with nature itself. This tree looked as ancient as the beginning of time. It had a massive trunk armored in twisting, gnarled bark. It had branches, thousands upon thousands of them, thick and muscular and seeming to reach out in every direction. Some curled upward as if holding up the sky. Others reached outward, defying gravity and extending far beyond what should have been supportable, their leaves always fluttering as if beckoning pilgrims to come hither.
And come hither they did.
For centuries, devotees endured impossibly harrowing journeys across treacherous plains and jagged mountains just to reach the roots of the tree. Roots that seemed an extension of the Earth itself as they knotting over and upon each other in a co…

You Are Everything

This is your brain. It is an inanimate object. This, however, is what your brain looks like when it is synapses are firing, communicating from neuron-to-neuron to create what we call consciousness:
Without electrical interaction, the brain of a dead person is no different from a thinking, breathing, living person, so this is what the consciousness that is you, a thinking, breathing, living person looks like.
This is the known universe.

The known universe is everything. Only it isn’t. What we think of as the entire universe is actually less than 5% of everything. All those stars, all those galaxies, all those atoms, all those particles make up only 4.9% of what is really out there.             The rest of everything is dark matter (27%) and dark energy (68%). Dark matter consists of particles even smaller than subatomic particles. So small that they can actually pass through atoms. In fact, there’s some passing through you right now. Dark energy is the energy necessary to explain why in the…